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Mixed race, we elves have been cheated by humans countless times, so we can't easily believe hum "Do you really have confidence, sir?" he asked Yongfeng Feng said in a deep voice, "that's the mother on a sunny day, or the master on a sunny Seeing this scene, Murong Yu and the other two guards of Fang Ziwan were shocked. But if Li Hao thinks this kind of practice is too cruel... It will certainly kill them! Three white dragons and the palm prints in mid air disappear at the same time. "It's right to make it quickly, but you can't let yourself be too tired. Take a rest. Anyway "How many, three times, nine million troops, I, not, such a big fart country, recruit 9 million troo Why can't we play tricks and force him to show up? Hyundai has been in the pocket of Hehua. And Harvey heard a loud voice beside him. With a slight shock, under the control of Ye Yiming, the magic soldier puppet rushed to the chiyun a Fang Han dialed Ingrid's mobile phone directly and told her the story. She didn't hide it an Several members of Min Ying cry to help the captain up and gather at one side to comfort them. However, it is difficult to collapse the bench. After holding the garbage can in his palm, he swept The king of Qi was stunned for a moment, Indistinctly, Zhang Xia and Chen Guang found a person standing up beside them. Although the enemy can still be seen from the front of the battle platform at a distance of more tha

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