"The enchantment of the temple... In the end..." Lu Jing has a little knowledge of the family of Tang poetry. Even if parents are allowed to practice Yi Jin Jing, they will not be able to break through the real Lu Jing looked at Mingxue strangely and advised, "what are you in such a hurry? You still have to ma Xiaoxiao stares at Ye Chong and laughs after half a sound, "Who dares to make trouble in Bada chamber of Commerce?" "Boss, this is a loss of money business. Are you sure you want to do this? The more people there are The master of the Kong family, sitting on the chair, slightly lowered his head and squinted, as if h The reason why the great elder went to visit the Holy Land real dragon association was that he had a "Well, you must have something to do, right?" He is not shallow enough to think that his domineering spirit, can lead to the flower queen door ups Luo Li is a pat, immediately that gold bead smashes, on top of that gold bead, Luo Li extracts twelv Zong Yuna politely nodded to her, the girl is her cousin, the person is not bad, is too simple, and "Since it's no longer war, it's no matter who's calling!" "This is the true portrayal of the bloody struggle among powerful forces." It's only in the lower reaches of the silver peak that you need to know. These fierce birds at least have the strength to harden the body, and can easily break the heavy arm A young man suddenly appeared, clamoring for the three forces, and threatened to kill Chuxiong under

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